My Little Fat-Quarter Haul

Somehow during my move into my new flat in November I managed to lose my entire stash of buttons that I’ve been building up over the years. No doubt they’ll turn up at some point in some strange place but for the meantime I’m going to have to buy as I go along. Because of this, I popped along to my local Hobbycraft to get a button for my Izzy top yesterday and of course ended up treating myself to a whole basket full of goodies. Clearly the displays team are doing their job well in Bournemouth- the store had cleverly piled a table high of enticing fat-quarter bundles as you walk in. There were mounds of lovely ribbon-bound packages of polka dot fabrics in pastel shades and liberty-like florals that really tempted me but it was this springtime collection that really stole my heart.


Anyone who knows me knows about my love of pastel shades- even in the middle of the winter, I’ll be the one sporting a pale blue coat and soft pink scarf. This love does not stop with my own wardrobe, but inevitably overflows into my fabric collection.

I also have such a huge love for prints which makes this bundle even more perfect for me. Whether they’re bold and illustrative like the 1st, 3rd and 5th of this particular collection, or ‘barely-there’ like the 2nd and 4th. My favourite has to be the subtle geometric mint green print. I just love the simplicity of it and my creative mind is inundated with ideas every time I look at it! Fat-quarters may only be small but the ways in which they can be incorporated into designs are endless… Ooh possible future blog post idea?!

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