Baby Boy Romper for Kids Clothes Week!

Well Kids Clothes Week didn’t quite go to plan after all! What with trips to London and the local A&E with Mr DB in the ambulance and then becoming Mr DB’s personal taxi driver because of the aforementioned injury, not much sewing got done! However, I did manage to squeeze in 7 hours (just!) and completed a Blank Slate Romper from start to finish. Yay!


I was really pleased with how this little fella came out (although I wish I’d spent a little more time and pattern matched down the front of the short panels). The fabric was really easy to work with and Melissa’s instructions were incredibly clear and easy to follow. I chose to handstitch a few areas such as the buttonholes and the lining- I personally find the process relaxing and I like the neat, finished look it allows.

When I make this pattern again (and I will!) I wouldn’t mark the buttonholes on the right side of the fabric before it’s all sewn up as the instructions suggest. I found that they were far too close to the edge and ended up having to shift them back a bit which left a chalk mark that’s currently refusing to budge (luckily it’s in blue and barely noticeable). I might even add a couple of pockets, who knows!

All in all I’m proud of my first little romper and my first time sewing along with Kids Clothes Week. I can’t wait for next season’s challenge. Fingers crossed that by then I’ll be far more prepared and have less distractions. I have really enjoyed seeing what other sewers have created this time- some of my favourites have been Angela’s Daisy Tunic, Boomie’s Izzy Top and Lisa’s little top (although the list could go on and on!) and I’m definitely feeling inspired to get cracking with my next little project.

Anyway, I shall leave you with a snap of my favourite little Netherland Dwarf giving his seal of approval on the elephant fabric I used for the romper, after all Dobbin knows best!


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  1. Angela

    Thanks for the kind mention of my Daisy tunic. Both your elephant romper and your bunny are absolutely sweet! And congrats on starting your new blog!

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