Selfish Sewing & The Cross-Over Back Blouse

Summer and it’s inevitable lack of routine has meant that I’m a little late in writing this blogpost. So late, in fact, that Love Sewing’s Issue 17 (which includes this Simple Sew pattern) will only be on sale in stores until tomorrow. So go and grab your shoes and run to your local supermarket (or wherever you usually buy your magazines!) and snatch it up: be quick folks!!!


Selfish sewing is a new phenomenon for me, and I can honestly say that this is the first garment I’ve ever made for myself from scratch. Love Sewing Magazine sure knows how to tempt a girl! As well as the pretty pastel edition cover, who wouldn’t be tempted by this stylish little number?


I’ve come to realise that I love the instant gratification of a quick sew and this top definitely ticks that box. Perfect!


I really liked the example modelled in Love Sewing, using stripes cut in varying directions for a really striking effect. I had a cheap grey and white striped cotton bought from Toni Textiles (Goldhawk Road) left over from a uni project way back when, so I decided to use that, just in case it didn’t quite fit. But there was no need for concern- it fits great and just as I hoped, the stripes are really effective!


I found that the facings needed a little extra persuading to stay in place, rather than just tacking them at the side seams as suggested in the instructions. For this reason I decided to top stitch along the neckline and hem (including the back opening). The armholes were a little trickier. The facings didn’t quite fit, and rather than force them into place and risk puckering, I decided to simply turn over the edge of the ‘sleeve’ and hem with a topstitch once again.


I wanted to add a feature button on the back, and spent a long time rummaging through my collection to find the perfect addition. I knew that a shank button would droop with its’ own weight, and therefore needed a flat button. I settled on a Welsh Slate button that I received in my stocking last year (Santa knows me well 😉 !!) I just love the finished look!


I have to say that the description of “you will make one for every day of the week” because it’s “stylish, flattering and comfy” is spot on! Since making the top, I’ve worn it as much as possible! As well as being incredibly comfortable, I’ve had so many compliments when wearing it because of the ‘surprise’ back detail. I’m definitely going to have to make more for the times when it’s in the wash! I’ve already got a rabbit printed cotton lined up for the next one 🙂

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  1. Melissa

    Than goodness i’ve stumpled across your comment on their Facebook page, which lead me to your Blog, I am a relative beginner, althought i’ve make a Tilly Walnes dress, but I find this pattern so confusing and lacked information. I also found the sleeve facings too small! So thank you for the top tips to top stitch and just hem the arms. Your finished top looks great; I too know i’ll be making many as its a style i’ve been looking for 🙂

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