Throwback Thursday: Inverted Pleats

1960s children’s clothing holds a special place in my heart. I imagine it’s probably because I associate it with photos of my Mum growing up, and therefore of sitting at my Nana’s house listening to the family reminisce about favourite memories. Presumably this is why when I scrolled through my Vintage Inspiration board on Pinterest, I discovered that the many of the designs I’ve pinned are from the 60s.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.06.25

I also discovered something else. Another common theme, if you will; inverted pleats.

Generic 2

For those who don’t already know, an inverted box pleat is formed by “bringing two folded edges toward or to a centre point on the outside of the material to form a box pleat on the inside” (Merriam-Webster). This particular type of pleat neatly adds fullness- perfect for the popular A-Line shape of the 60s.


Check out these gorgeous examples (all discovered on Pinterest)…




Simplicity 2

I particularly love the way the pattern below incorporates an inverted pleat into the back of the dress rather than the front!


Speaking of which, I recently pattern tested a soon-to-be-released dress from Nell Patterns featuring an inverted pleat that I’ll be blogging about this weekend, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek…


So if you feel inspired and fancy popping an inverted pleat into your next sew but aren’t sure how to go about it, Elegance & Elephants have written a great tutorial on how to create inverted pleats, which I definitely recommend for anyone who wants a bit of guidance.

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