Throwback Thursday: Vintage Fancy Dress!

Vintage 1930s Weldons Fancy Dress Patterns.

With Kids Clothes Week in full swing, and with many of you creating wonderful halloween costumes for your little ones, I thought it would be a great time to share a collection of images I’ve gathered from across the internet of the most incredible fancy dress sewing patterns.

1930s Weldon’s Fancy Dress for Children Catalogue.

I absolutely love the golf bag! It’s so simple and yet so effective; it’s instantly recognisable.

Vintage 1930s Weldon’s Fancy Dress Patterns for Children.

That White Rabbit costume is fantastic, and the frog makes me smile every time I spot him!

Vintage 1930s Weldons Fancy Dress Patterns.

Where do I even start?! The penguin is so much fun, but I also love the holly and mistletoe fairies (is it too early to get excited for Christmas sewing?) and that thimble costume is just adorable!

Vintage 1930s Weldon’s Fancy Dress Patterns.

I think my favourite here has to be the poppy fairy. Once again simplicity is the key to a fantastic fancy dress design.

Vintage 1930s Weldon’s Fancy Dress for Children Patterns.

Just look at that umbrella! Genius! Now look at the cottage window! I’m tempted to head to the charity shops to buy some second hand curtains and make that today!

Vintage 1930s Weldon’s Fancy Dress Patterns.

Now I’m not sure if I’m missing something when it comes to ‘Duck and Green Peas’ or whether it is just simply referring to a classic food combination, but either way the costume is ridiculously cute. Imagine all the peas themselves being made out of fabric yo-yos or felted pom poms. So sweet!

Vintage 1920s Dennison Costumes.

I wanted to include some classic Halloween designs too, and I love these from the 1920s (although the men definitely drew the short straw!). I love the dangly pumpkins, the bell sleeves and the fantastic head gear- you could definitely scale these down for a little girl’s costume.

I hope you’re as inspired as I am and itching to recreate some of these unusual designs. Let me know if you do with a comment/link below- I’d love to see them!

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