S/S 16 Key Trend: Tangram

What is Tangram?

Part of S/S 16's 'Monumental' trend, inspired by retro futurism and bold structure, Tangram imagery will adorn the clothes of this season's trendiest kids.

The game Tangram has been around for around 1000 years and is a puzzle made up of 7 geometric shapes. The aim of the game? To rearrange the shapes to create endless designs. Think animals, houses, boats... even rocket ships!

Did you know?

Originating from Imperial China, Tangram was brought to the west by merchant ships in the 19th Century The game of Tangram had a resurgence of popularity during World War One because of it's entertainment value and portability. It was hugely popular with soldiers of both sides in the trenches.

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    Creating an angular, geometric design is key here. The sharp lines and lack of detail echo the building blocks of ‘Minecraft’, lego and Bauhaus architecture which inspired the ‘Monumental’ trend.

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  • Tangram puzzles with outlines preview
  • Animal designs are gender neutral and would be perfect as a t-shirt graphic or as a pocket detail! Stay on trend by creating bears, giraffes and crocodiles.

    Alternatively look up to the stars! Think lunar landings, astronauts and walking amongst craters.

  • ‘Monumental’ calls for rocky textures, and a chalky, distressed finish. To ensure your little ones are super stylish this summer, discard old ideas of graphics being neat and tidy and embrace imperfection!


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    Think small and create your own repeat pattern. Amazing!

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  • Even better? Take inspiration from ceramist Rebecca Mann and combine the two!


    How to recreate these awesome prints at home? Easily create your own foam stamps and have a fun day of printing with fabric paint. Perfect for summer craft days!

Craving a crafty sewing solution?

The tangram trend lends itself perfectly to sewing. After all, those shapes are just screaming quilting blocks or simple appliqué. Check out these amazing uses of tangram below and let those creative minds wander…

For more information and links to artists featured above.

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